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Dear Friends,

Committee members planning for the activities
received was shut behind the door by the tyranny of Bhutan. Once the refugee population came to Nepal, with the help of different well wishers and elders BREP (Bhutanese Refugee Education Program) was started in 1992. Since then, at one time there were 42 units of schools and 23843 students wrote the SLC Examination and had their higher education. 30553 adult learners had the Spoken English Courses and learnt the basic English to fit in the world around. BREP has produced many doctors, a few engineers, charter Account, trained youths and provided vocational skills to many, etc. Those who have recently had their school in the camp are doing well in the resettled countries. They have managed to secure a place in prestigious institutions of the resettled countries. Prepared the populations for the resettlement which has helped them to adjust well securing good jobs. This is the gift of BREP of the 25th year of service to the community. Has it become so long? Obviously yes. How do we recollect the deeds and events of 25th years? We who are still involved in BREP and the camp community would like to organise a function, recollect the events, facilitated the one who have helped us, thank those who are still giving their service.

How are we doing it? We are producing a booklet in which will be reflected the events, achievements, advantages, challenges of BREP and the message to the refugee throughout the world. We would also put in success personal case studies and messages. We would invite the previous Directors, Rev. Bishop and Present Director of CARITAS Nepal, Government Officials, other INGOs and NGOs who are involved and facilitate them. We would also honour and provide certificate to the present incentive staff.

Financial Scenario
- Printing of Booklet – will request CARITAS
- Facilitation, Printing of Certificates and making frames ≈ 100000/-
- Travel cost of guest and lodge expenses ≈ 150000/-
- Program organization and snacks ≈ 200000/- (400 People)
- Certificate and Cash honor to the present staff ≈ 500000/-
- Total ≈ 950000/-

Hence we request our friends who have been benefited by the program, served and gained experience and the founding members to contribute and make the event a grand success. The management committee will be accountable and transparent in accounting will provide the expenses details for your reference. The event will be organized in mid December 2017.

On behalf of committee member

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