Received this email from Norton. Want to share what is KRACK and how if infects your computer. Please share this information to your friends and families.

A serious new vulnerability called KRACK (Key Re-installation Attacks) was announced recently, likely impacting anyone who uses Wi-Fi. All Wi-Fi connection points and devices could be vulnerable—your local coffee shop, home, or workplace connection.

KRACK can allow attackers access to important information like credit card numbers, passwords, and emails transmitted over Wi-Fi networks. This vulnerability can also allow attackers to potentially infect your devices with malware or ransomware.


How to help protect your devices against KRACK

Wi-Fi users should immediately update their WI-Fi-enabled devices as soon as a software update is made available. Wi-Fi enabled devices are anything that connects to the Internet — from laptops, tablets, and smartphones to other smart devices such as wearable and home appliances.

Only browse secure websites who’s URL begins with HTTPS. HTTPS-enabled websites provides an extra layer of security by using encryption. (Our website is secure. It starts with HTTPS - https://www.ichautari.com


Note: Changing your Wi-Fi password will not prevent attacks.

To learn more about KRACK visit Wiki Page

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