I witnessed Nepali Tara season 1,2, and 3. It successfully completed without being controversial. Since its inception, it has completed three seasons. The first season was held in 2005, the second in 2007 and the third in 2014-2015. Depak Limbu, Santosh Lama, and Pratap Lama are Nepali Tara in season one, two , and three respectively. Those who reached top 10 were most talented vocal wise and performance wise.

Indira Joshi, first lady judge in Nepal Idol season one also came from Nepali Tara platform.

Today Nepali Tara are already successful and established music stars in Nepali music industry. Of course Nepali Tara didn't get as much prizes and Nepal idol do. Prize doesn't have monetary value. Prize earned getting through touch competition, and rigorous hard work has unmatched value. With that being said, Nepali Tara should consider raising prizes to meet the demand of time and competition.

Nepali Tara is purely our domestic product, no intervene by foreigner unlike franchise Nepal idol. Nepali Tara, by name itself tells much about Nepal. The name has Nepali Identity. We should love our product and improve it as time passes by.

We Nepali love and buy foreign products so much, as a result our own domestic product cannot compete with foreign. As a consequence, our market and politics is always controlled by them. This is bitter fact.

In appearance, Nepal Idol prizes seems to be attractive and fancy. But in the long run, this will come up dominating our domestic product as bug for Nepal. They have money. Of course, who has money will control market to their fullest extent.

Nepali Idol season one audition started with controversy and ended with controversy. Judge might have felt suicidal kick, when they saw grand finale result. They must be embarrassed. I have no prejudice, congratulation Buddha Lama for being 1st Nepal Idol. But contestant with much strong vocal and performance and lyrics memory were left behind simply because of voting. Public could have voted for the best of best. Most accuse to Buddha Lama was, he always forget lyrics. He did same thing in Finale and grand finale.Vote not always prove it will boost the best. Looks like it was interest of AP television to make Buddha Lama, a controversial contestant, because more controversy the show gets, more public engagement it will get and as result, more people vote which will help generate more revenue from the show.

I am not bias. But Nepal Idol begun with controversy and ended as well with controversy. Hope they learnt a lesson and will improve in season 2. Good luck to all. Good luck to Buddha.
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